Some Like It Hot by David Mach

Some Like It Hot by David Mach

Elli in Chaos turned 3 today!

Elli in Chaos turned 3 today!

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VCA second year

The title project, each of us drew a title out of a hat I got I Am Its Secret, which is actually a work by Shirin Neshat that is about sexism in the Muslim faith. Being completely floored by this concept I explored variations in my own personality, and researched shady characters throughout our literary history and put myself in their shoes.



others works from second year and more still to come but i have to get ready to go out! having dinner with my Jaydee Poo xoxo tumblrs

VCA first year

Here is a very selective collection of Images from my work that i was producing for uni at VCA in 2007.

The appropriation piece. I had to appropriate the practice of Ernesto Neto, a Brazilian conceptual artist that works with nylon type fabrics and uses vegetable spices. His work spoke alot about bringing the natural aesthetic human internal organs out into the environment so this work was about putting nature into the body and ripping on the fash world a little bit. lol sorry guys.


The next images are from my Drawing Machine Project. It was conducted as a performance piece that involved audience participation to wind up there own little handcrafted drawing machine and set them free on the floured floor.

random other work.. sculpting the janitor….


Elli’s art practice stuggles onwards

So I got a blog! A good way to try to maintain my practice. Things I’m working on at the moment include various collaborative works-

"The elicited tragedy of the Brown Mouse" A true story that occurred in my house, story written by moi and illustrations by Kathlen Pierits, my lovely german friend. Copies of the book will be available at the book shop in the underground Degraves subway exit book shop.

"The regeneration Project" collaborators include Katrine Burkitt and Rachael Bauman a globally landmark project! :D

For now I will upload pictures of my old work from VCA times and move on from there

Matthew Linde garment

Matthew Linde garment


dammit. I just wrote a half hour post for an introduction to my blog and it got wiped. FML